Glitz Design Finger Sizer!

Glitz Design Finger Sizer!

One of the difficult things about buying jewelry online is not knowing what size to get when looking at rings! I mean sometimes when you are at a store that sells rings they have that ring of sizers so you can try them on and find one that fits. A lot of the time I think people just guess and get a ring then go from there. This finger sizer is cute, simple, and fast to use right at home! It is designed similar to a zip tie. You feed the end through the opening to make a loop and tighten it around your finger. You are able to play with the sizer to find a size that you like the fit of. The arrow clearly points to the size you should get. This device has whole and half sizes. It works well and is easy to use. In matter of minutes you know your ring size and are good to go. This set comes with the directions, finger sizer tool, and a red velvet storage bag. This set is really cute and I love that it comes with a storage bag. This can easily be stored with your jewelry until it is needed!


Find this set here!

Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!! Don’t forget to make it sparkle!! ✨

**I received a free or reduced price product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I have written honestly my thoughts and opinions on the product.**


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