Black Disco Ball Bracelet!

Black Disco Ball Bracelet!


I was super excited when I got approved for this bracelet. It looks cute online and even better in person. It is really simple but just enough bling to make it interesting. This cute bracelet is from Bling Blow out, you can find this bracelet here:


This is a fun braided bracelet with beads in it. The bracelet is adjustable and the gems on the middle bead make this sparkle in the light. This bracelet can work for men or women and is easy to wear. This can be a casual bracelet or could be dressed up if you wanted to. This bracelet is currently $3 and a great deal! The company also offers a bracelet like this but all the beads have the gems on them. The site offers all types of jewelry for a good price. Overall I am happy with the quality of this bracelet and would love to see more from this company.



Thanks for reading! Have a Great Day! Make it Sparkle!!


**I have received a free product in exchange for this review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I have written honestly about the product and my experience with it.**


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