MEIGO Wooden Dominoes Set!

MEIGO Wooden Dominoes Set!

This set of dominoes is really cute! It has several ways to use it also; you can build a puzzle, play dominoes, or use them to build! The images on the dominoes are bright and fun. The pictures are of animals, food, plants, cars, and people! The kids really enjoy playing with this set! Their favorite way to play with these blocks is to make the puzzle. It doesn’t line up perfectly but it’s pretty close and the kids don’t seem to mind! Along with the dominoes, there are our square blocks for building. This set also comes with the red velvet drawstring bag. All the blocks fit into the bag and there is lots of room left. Overall there are 32 pieces in this set!

This set would make a great Christmas present! It comes with everything in a box! This set is great for all ages, Charlotte loves playing with both sizes of blocks. She looks at the pictures and carries them around when she is crawling. Scott, Austin, and Jordan like to make the puzzle and set up and knock down the dominoes. They love seeing how knocking down one block makes the rest of them fall so fast.




Check this dominoes set out here!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! Make it sparkle! ✨

*I received a free or reduced priced product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinion on the product. I have written honestly about my thoughts and opinions on the product.*


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