Lebice Popsicle Sticks!

Lebice Popsicle Sticks!

Since we got so many popsicle sets at one time we decided to use the popsicle sticks to make cake pops!

We started out making some cake. We made a pan of cupcakes and used the extra in a cake pan for the cake pops. After it cooled down, we broke the cake up. Then we added some frosting and mixed it all up. We shaped the cake into balls and put them on the popsicle sticks. We put the cake into the freezer for about 20 minutes. Then the cake pops got dipped in chocolate. We added some sprinkles and put them back into the freezer to set. Once they were done we bagged them in the popsicle bags that came with the sticks. The kids enjoyed the cake pops!

The sticks worked well and come bagged in sets so you don’t have a huge mess when you open a pack. The bags are small for the length of the popsicle sticks. You can not fully close the bags because of the sticks but it works pretty well. Overall this is a good set and I would recommend it to other parents or popsicle lovers!

Check the set out here!

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Ancord Works Bluetooth Speaker!

Ancord Works Bluetooth Speaker!

This is a great new speaker! It is waterproof and comes with a floaty. This speaker gets very loud, when I first connected it to my phone it played music at full blast. Quite scary when not expected! This speaker is easy to connect to your phone or other device. I used this speaker for music and audio books and found it works well for both. This speaker works well inside and outside. It is made well and seems pretty sturdy. It is not overly heavy but it feels like it can last through a fall. The clip on the side is sturdy and would work well to clip the speaker to your backpack for traveling. There is a cover to protect the charging port and aux port. The speaker is able to go into water when the cover is closed. This takes a couple hours to charge initially and the charge lasts a long time. It has been good for the past week on one charge.


Check this speaker out here!


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Sleeve Stars Knee Support!

Sleeve Stars Knee Support!


This knee support by Sleeve Stars works really well! It is fully adjustable and well padded. It has rubber lines around the edge to keep it in place while being worn. This support works for both men and women. The closure sticks well to the support and does not come off when worn. This knee support works well for pulled muscles and offers a good amount of support to speed up recovery. This is also helpful for other knee pain issues, but I have not used it for any of them. This knee brace comes with a 12 month warranty. I have not gone to the site to set up the warranty but it is a good addition to the product. This support is thicker than other ones I have, this is both good and bad; I like the added support from the thicker fabric but being thicker makes you sweat more. Overall I am happy with this knee brace and I will continue to use it. I really enjoy having a brace I can use over my leggings, my other brace is smaller and does not stay in place when worn over my pants.



This brace can be found here!


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Floral Thank You Card Set!

Floral Thank You Card Set!



This set of floral cards is super adorable! It comes with the cards, envelopes, and stickers. The stickers have the same flowers as the cards and have a nice finish on them. The stickers are pretty thick too so there is no issues with rips. The envelopes are cute and thick, the glue did not work very well but it is easy to fix with some tape or a glue stick. I love having extra cards at home for when I need them and this set is wonderful. I think this set would be great for a bridal or baby shower because of the colors but they work for anything.  The cards are made well and I would recommend them to others looking for a nice set of cards!


We changed a couple of our cards into birthday cards. We used some white out on the Thank You part and added some washi tape to the front. Then we just added cute stickers to the front and added a sweet message inside. These cards are fun and the kids enjoyed editing them to make them unique. The kids really like getting and sending mail so it is nice to have sets like these at home for them to write to people.

Check this set out here!

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Toxin Removal Overnight by Foot Pads!

Toxin Removal Overnight by Foot Pads!


I have recently been experimenting with these foot pads by EProda. They come in ginger, rose, green tea, peppermint, and lavender. This box has 15 pairs, three of each scent. Each pair is individually wrapped and then the scents are all wrapped together. This box also comes with 6 nasal strips as a bonus item. These pads are easy to use and are suppose to remove toxins, help you sleep, relax your muscles, and give you more beauty. All you have to do is clean your feet, apply the pads, and wear them for 8 hours or overnight. When you remove them the pads will have all the bad stuff they removed from your body! Seems like a great deal right? But does it work that way?



My thoughts are that this product does not do much of anything. It might remove some toxins because it makes your feet sweat but all the black is definitely not the toxins they removed. These also smell really bad, not like the different scents at all. There are limited directions available and the writing on the box seems a little messed up. For example, part of the box says to put it on the sore muscle but then the directions say to apply these to your feet. There is nothing in the box or on the outside to explain what the different scents do. I am not even sure the different pads have these scents because they all smell the same and none of them smell like the scents. I think they outside of the pads are just colored in corresponding colors to the scents. Overall I would not recommend these because they don’t seem to do much and they are very messy. Also the lack of information in this box is just a bad sign to me. If I am going to use your product on my body I want information on what it does, how it works, and the benefits of using this.

Check it out for yourself here!


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QHZM Quality Exercise Ball!

QHZM Quality Exercise Ball!



Today we are talking about an anti-burst exercise ball by QHZM Quality. We got the purple ball to test out and we have been enjoying it. The box is pretty small, it comes with the ball, a pump, two plugs, a plug remover, and a strap. This set does not come with any written directions other than the writing on the box. The box says to inflate it to the proper dimensions, but there are no dimensions listed any where. There is not instructions on what the strap is for either. Basically if you had a specific need for the ball when you ordered it you are good, if you wanted to try out a new way to exercise be prepared to do some research before you start.

I have very limited knowledge about exercise equipment, so I did a quick Google search when I got this ball and was glad to see a lot of the exercises are similar to ones I already do. You can use the ball when doing squats, planks, crunches and several other simple exercises. The strap looks like a yoga strap, there are a lot of simple exercises to do with it as well. You can use it to better your stretches and push them further than you can alone. You can also use the strap to carry the ball with you if you want to take it blown up. With the pump and plug remover it is easy to deflate the ball and take with you also. We did not actually use the included pump to inflate our ball. We used a bigger air pump we had at home. The pump does work but because it is small it takes longer than with a bigger pump.



You can check this ball out here!

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Let’s Talk About Biotin!

Let’s Talk About Biotin!

Biotin is promoted as a supplement to help your hair, nails, and skin. I recently started taking one of these supplements and was interested to learn more about Biotin, here is what I learned! Biotin is also called vitamin b 7. It is needed in small doses to help your body convert food to energy. Biotin is especially important for pregnant and nursing women, the daily amount for these women increase by 50%. Biotin is water soluble, meaning whatever your body does not need is flushed out of your body. This makes this supplement very safe because the chances of an over dose are very low. Biotin deficiency is very rare because your body only need a small amount! There has been little research to determine if taking biotin makes your hair and nails stronger. The research says it does but it is based on small number and few trials. There is no solid evidence that says taking more biotin will make your hair or nails healthier. While increasing the biotin you ingest does not seem to help your body more, you will have issues if you have a deficiency. If you have a deficiency, you can experience hair loss or red scaly patch rashes. Biotin is in several foods, including leafy greens, yeast, egg yolks, peanuts, and soy beans. Your guy bacteria also make a small amount of biotin.


The biotin supplement I have been taking is a once a day pill. It is small and easy to take. While I have not noticed any changes while taking these, I have not had any negative side effects either. After learning what I have about biotin, I will probably finish the bottle I have and stop taking it. There is a chance that taking biotin will help my hair, nails, and skin from taking this supplement but there is also a chance that it is just extra that is getting flushed out of my body. I was really interested in all the information I found on this supplement, if you want to read more check it out on this page!


If you want to get a bottle of biotin click here!

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Party-Pros 100 Piece Party In A Box Unicorn Themed

Party-Pros 100 Piece Party In A Box Unicorn Themed



This party kit is full of fun items for a great unicorn themed party! This set comes with balloons, cupcake decorations, a headband, an air pump, a happy birthday banner, and photo booth props. Everything in this set has pink, purple, white, and rainbow on it. The set comes with a little air pump that can be used to blow up the balloons. The banner has a straw to blow up it’s letters and has pink ribbon to tie the letters together. Everything in this set is made well, the head band is made with fabric and stuffing and the photo booth props are thick paper and have a sturdy tube handle. This pack says it comes with 100 pieces, but it counts the banner as 14 pieces so really it comes with 87.

Our kit came with 4 white balloons, 6 pink balloons, 6 purple balloons, 2 unicorn balloons, 2 pink heart balloons, 2 purple heart balloons, 12 photo booth props, 1 unicorn headband, 1 air pump, 1 happy birthday banner, 24 cupcake picks (12 of each style), and 24 cupcake wrappers (12 of each style). We were missing 2 white balloons but had everything else for the kit. This pack comes in a cute box wrapped in tissue paper with several individual bags. Everything is packaged nicely.  We blew up the unicorn and heart balloons with air because it was cheaper than helium, the unicorn balloons are about the size of Charlotte. They look great blown up and we did not have any issues with them. The unicorns have string loops on the top and bottom of the balloons, this is nice because you can put the sting on the top if you use air and the bottom if you use helium. The hearts only have the string hole on the bottom. The regular balloons look and feel like normal balloons, they blow up to a good size. The photo booth props are super cute and colorful! They are on paper straws and we only had one that was broken. It was an easy fix with a glue gun though. I love the pink and white swirl on the sticks. Some of the props are gold glitter and look really cute in pictures! I actually used one in my planner because I loved how cute it was! The headband is made a lot better than I expected, it is made with fabric and stuffing. The ribbon came off the base of the horn but it can be put back on with some hot glue. The birthday banner is cute and blows up quickly! The cupcake pieces are brightly colored and coated on one side, so one side is glossy and one is is matte.


The kids loved this set! They have been playing with the balloons for a couple days and really like how bit the unicorns are. Jordan has already decided she wants to have a unicorn party next year for her birthday and we will probably repurchase this pack. I would recommend this pack to other parents who are looking for unicorn themed party supplies! For the price of this pack, the party supplies are outstanding!


Check out this pack on Amazon here!

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Disceez: Silicon Flying Disc!

Disceez: Silicon Flying Disc!

Disceez are small silicon flying disc that can be used inside or outside! They come in a variety of fun prints and more are coming out each year. We got a super colorful lego themed one! This disc also came with a free Disceez sticker.


Disceez is easy to throw and catch, even for small hands. Since it is silicon there is no worry about getting hit with the disc. The kids have played with ours inside and outside since we got it. Playing inside is nice when it is raining outside. This would also be great if you were at a gym or other large area, with the boys the living room was big enough for them to throw it back and forth.


The packaging states you are able to throw the Disceez and have it come back to you if you throw it right. We have not been able to make this happen yet even though I have been trying. Overall I think this is a really fun toy and the kids have had a lot of fun with it also. They have played with it everyday since we got it! The only issue we had with ours is that our yard has a lot of sand and the disc picks up sand when it falls and can get in your face or eyes. Overall not a huge issue, we just shake it every time we pick it up before we throw it! I would recommend this for other parents or anyone who enjoys flying disc toys!


Check out the fun designs here!


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King Matt The First

King Matt The First




King Matt The First is a book for children based on a longer book. This book follows the story of a young boy that becomes king. Since he is so young there is a council that does most of the king duties. King Matt wants to go and play with the other kids in the park and be a normal kid, the council decides he is allowed to go to the park with the children. This ends shortly though because the council does not want other children laughing at King Matt. King Matt wants to have friends though, so he finds a way to make a friend. The boys meet secretly and decide to run off to join the war. The boys get to experience the war first hand when they sneak into the camp. Back at the palace, the council tries to find King Matt without letting the public know he is missing. King Matt is returned to the palace and they work together to set up a way for King Matt to work as king but still be a kid.


This is a cute book and the kids really liked it. This book is a quick read and has cute pictures. The pictures have a childish feel to them because of the artwork but it works with the story. I enjoyed reading this to the kids and learning that this was made from a longer book was interesting. The longer book is also called King Matt the First. I will leave a link for it if I can find it! Overall this is a fun book and I would recommend it to other parents for their kids!


Check it out here! This book is free with Kindle Unlimited!

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