Toxin Removal Overnight by Foot Pads!

Toxin Removal Overnight by Foot Pads!


I have recently been experimenting with these foot pads by EProda. They come in ginger, rose, green tea, peppermint, and lavender. This box has 15 pairs, three of each scent. Each pair is individually wrapped and then the scents are all wrapped together. This box also comes with 6 nasal strips as a bonus item. These pads are easy to use and are suppose to remove toxins, help you sleep, relax your muscles, and give you more beauty. All you have to do is clean your feet, apply the pads, and wear them for 8 hours or overnight. When you remove them the pads will have all the bad stuff they removed from your body! Seems like a great deal right? But does it work that way?



My thoughts are that this product does not do much of anything. It might remove some toxins because it makes your feet sweat but all the black is definitely not the toxins they removed. These also smell really bad, not like the different scents at all. There are limited directions available and the writing on the box seems a little messed up. For example, part of the box says to put it on the sore muscle but then the directions say to apply these to your feet. There is nothing in the box or on the outside to explain what the different scents do. I am not even sure the different pads have these scents because they all smell the same and none of them smell like the scents. I think they outside of the pads are just colored in corresponding colors to the scents. Overall I would not recommend these because they don’t seem to do much and they are very messy. Also the lack of information in this box is just a bad sign to me. If I am going to use your product on my body I want information on what it does, how it works, and the benefits of using this.

Check it out for yourself here!


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