JOKBEN Felt Christmas Tree Set

JOKBEN Felt Christmas Tree Set

With Christmas coming soon this is a great addition to any house with little helping hands. Our kids love to redecorate the tree every time they are in the same room with it. This felt set gives them their own tree to decorate any way they want. The tree and decorations are made of felt with Velcro on them. The trunk of the tree attaches to the back of the tree. The tree neasures 3.3 feet and comes with 30 ornaments. The pieces also attach to the tree without the assigned Velcro spots but don’t stick as well. I love the variety in the decorations and the bright colors. The pieces seem well made and like they will hold up for lots of playing. We did have an incident with the Holly losing one of it’s pompoms, but overall this set holding up well to four kids.

The kids all enjoy this set and I can see it being a hit for the next couple years because of the variety. You could even make your own decorations to put on the tree. Some Velcro on the back of light decorations or felt cutouts and you are good to go. I would have liked to see some Christmas lights to put on the tree but I love the look of Christmas lights.

This set also comes with a Merry Christmas banner that you have to assemble. We haven’t put ours together yet but it seems simple enough. There is a plastic needle and some string with the flag letters. You just lace the letter on the string and hang it up. The colors look bright and crisp. They are made of a thick felt so they don’t bend easily but are not too hard either.

This set is available on Amazon here!

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day! Make it sparkle! ✨

*I received a free or discounted product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product.*


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