School Girl Costume!

School Girl Costume!

This costume comes with two pieces, a tie in the front top and a skirt. This set is really cute and made well for a costume. The skirt has a zipper down the side. The plaid material is very thick and has no give to it. This makes the skirt hard to get into and the top unwearable. The cuffs on the top are too tight for normal sized arms to fit into. The white material for the top is very thin compared to the plaid and is more like costume material. While this set is adorable it is difficult to reccomend it because it is a one size fit and is not very practical because of the nonstretch material used.

While this set is unwearable I do love the added detail of the lace on the bottom of the skirt. I am happy with the quality put into this set I just wish they had used a better material for it.

You can check this set out here!

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day! And don’t forget to make it sparkle!

**I received this item for free or discounted prices in exchange for an honest review. This has not influenced my opinions on the item. Everything I have written are my own thoughts and opinions on the product.**


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