A Breath She Took by Ilan Amit

A Breath She Took by Ilan Amit



“A Breath She Took” is about a woman named Inbal who finds out her husband wants to separate. After he told her the rest of the book is a mix of flashbacks and how she is handling her life changing completely. As she is dealing with the loss of her husband she revisits memories of her missing father and relives parts of her past with her mother and sister. Inbal travels to be with her sister but when her sister leaves her she makes new unexpected friends. She returns home to start her new life, complete with a career change.


This book is an interesting read. I did enjoy most of it, I had some issues with the way the book is written. You jump from the present to a flashback quickly and sometimes it is hard to keep up with which one it is. There are also a handful of sections in the book with adult scenes that really don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the book. The ending of the book is a bit abrupt as well, she is traveling and then all of a sudden she is home and it is the end of the book. After all the build up in the rest of the book I thought there would be a well thought out ending to this book. Overall it is a decent book and I would suggest this to other to read. I would not say I highly recommend it, simply because of the inconsistency in the writing style.


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