Soccer Fitness Audio Book!

Soccer Fitness Audio Book!


When I first discovered this audio book I thought it was a bit strange. This is a book that focuses on soccer and there are no images because it is an audio book. After my first thoughts on this book I was surprised at how helpful this book is. Even the section about exercises is explained well so you are able to follow the steps for the exercise. This book covers exercises to use and suggested practice times. I love how this book separates beginners and children from professionals and adults. I think it is important to help children and teens become better at soccer in a safe way and this book addresses that children and teens have different needs for practice than adults. I think a lot of the time adults forget that children and teens are still young and while they may go into professional sports their bodies are still growing and changing and it is important not to push them too hard.

This book explains how the exercises are related to game play. This is important for younger players because they do not always see how running laps is related to game play. Mental stamina is also a focus of this book, negativity is tiring but positivity is inspiring. Visualization is used to help mental stamina in soccer and life in general. This book states that stress is not a bad thing, we are able to use the stress we feel to our advantage. The book states that some coaches will ignore the need for mental stamina but this is not a good move, professional teams have people train the players in how to better their mental stamina for better game play.

The book addresses that the majority of its readers are going to be playing soccer for pleasure but still addresses actions as how they would effect professional players or lower level players. The book states you should adjust the exercises to meet your needs and physical abilities!

Soccer Fitness also has a section based on diet and how it helps during soccer and just in life in general. Soccer players need foods to help keep them healthy, give them energy, and recover quickly. After soccer matches carbs and good fats are good foods to turn to to help recovery. Protein should be used in every meal for a sports player. The book also addresses fasting and how it can be used properly.

You can find this book here!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! And don’t forget to make it SPARKLE!

**I received a free or discounted product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not changed my opinions on the product. I have written honestly about my feelings and thoughts on the product.**



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