Lebice Tube Popsicle Mold set!

Lebice Tube Popsicle Mold set!

This set comes with popsicle tubes and a collapsible funnel. This set has plenty of tubes to last through the summer! We go through a lot of  popsicles at our house and the kids really like to make their own popsicles.


These tubes are easy to use; you open the top, fill them up, and zip them back up and freeze. I froze mine in a cup to keep the popsicle from freezing to the top. These tubes hold about half a cup of liquid. Lebice has a popsicle ebook available online where you are able to find several different recipes.


We tested the lemon aid recipe from the book and found that they were super sour. The recipe did work I think it just uses too much lemon juice for our taste. Next time we will use less. We also used some other recipes and found these tubes work well with different consistencies!


We did have a couple tubes overflow but I am sure it was due to overfilling. There is not a mark on the tube on where to fill the tube up to. It would be a great improvement to have a filling mark on the tubes.

You can find these tubes here!


Thanks for reading! Have a great day! And don’t forget to make it Sparkle!


**I received a free or discounted product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product and I have written honestly about my thoughts and opinions on the product.**



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