Astronaut Baby Pacifier Clips!

Astronaut Baby Pacifier Clips!


This pack of pacifier clips comes in a three pack. We got the Astronaut set, it comes with a blue, green, and orange strap. These are a silky material with a cord loop on one side and a plastic clip on the other. These are able to attach to several types of pacifiers because you loop the clip through itself to attach it to the pacifier. This means the clips are also able to be used for other items, like toys.

I originally got these because Charlotte is in a stage where she thinks it is super funny to throw her toys and blankets. As the person who has to collect all these items I will tell you this is not a fun game. We have lost several items while she is being carried in the car seat through the parking lot. It never fails that when we go to the store and it is raining, we always have her white snuggle blanket! UGH! When I saw these I was super excited because now I don’t have to worry about her stuff falling to the ground all the time. For her blankets I wrapped the loop around the cloth twice and it is tight enough to not fall out of the clip. The boys also like playing with these clips because they think the clips look like snakes! So it is a good thing these come in a three pack!

The only issue I had with these was the clip part worries me a little. If you do not have these clipped to your babies clothes make sure you have them closed because they are easy to close and the clip looks like it would hurt if a finger ended up in it. I am not sure it would actually close with a baby finger but better to be safe. Overall I am really happy with the quality of these clips and would recommend them to other parents! These come in other color sets and patterns as well. I love the astronaut theme to these and I think it is really original. I feel like a lot of baby items are all the same pattern and it is nice to have something completely different!

You can find these clips here!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! And don’t forget to make it sparkle!

**I have received a free or discounted item in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinion on the product. I have written honestly about my thoughts and opinions on the product.**


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