Squirts’s Day At Home! A Dog Story!

Squirts’s Day At Home! A Dog Story!

This is a cute book about what Squirt does while his family is away at school and work. I think every pet owner wonders what their pet does while they are away and this book answers that question. This book is told by Squirt, the little white dog. He decides what “toys” to play with while he is home alone, which snacks to eat, and even to go for a nice walk. The pictures in this book look great. They are colored brightly and match up with the story nicely. This book is written by a 10 year old boy! I am super impressed in his story writing ability and I think it is great that his mother helped him to write his own book.



The kids really enjoyed this book! They loved that the dog goes on such a crazy adventure while the family is away. They thought it was great that he cleaned up his mess before his family got home so he did not get in trouble. The boys thought it was so funny that Squirt jumped into the toilet. We have read this book several times and the kids still enjoy it. We would be interested in more stories with Squirt to see more adventures he gets himself into.


This book is available here!


Thanks for reading! Have a great Day! Make it sparkle!


*I received a free or discounted product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product and I have written honestly about my feeling and opinions on the product.*



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