Lebice Popsicle Mold Kit!

Lebice Popsicle Mold Kit!

We recently got a popsicle mold set by Lebice. We got the yellow and green set, it also came with a bonus funnel, brush, a tattoo, and an extra mold. This set is made of thick plastic and seems well made. To get the popsicle out of the mold you have to run the mold under warm water. The mold is easy to use and holds up well after being frozen.

I enjoy using this set and found it to make a good sized popsicle for the kids! The options for this mold are limitless and the kids really enjoy making their own. A quick search online will leave you with a ton of different recipes to try out in your mold. There is also an e-book available on the Lebice website. Several of these recipes are simple and have ingredients you might already have. We have tried a couple different recipes from the book and enjoy them.


Check the mold out here!


Thanks for reading! Have a great day! Make it sparkle!


*I received a product for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influence my opinions on the product. I have written honestly about my feeling and thoughts on the product.*



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