Ancord Works Bluetooth Speaker!

Ancord Works Bluetooth Speaker!

This is a great new speaker! It is waterproof and comes with a floaty. This speaker gets very loud, when I first connected it to my phone it played music at full blast. Quite scary when not expected! This speaker is easy to connect to your phone or other device. I used this speaker for music and audio books and found it works well for both. This speaker works well inside and outside. It is made well and seems pretty sturdy. It is not overly heavy but it feels like it can last through a fall. The clip on the side is sturdy and would work well to clip the speaker to your backpack for traveling. There is a cover to protect the charging port and aux port. The speaker is able to go into water when the cover is closed. This takes a couple hours to charge initially and the charge lasts a long time. It has been good for the past week on one charge.


Check this speaker out here!


Thanks for reading!! Have a great day and make it sparkle!

*I received a free or discounted product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I have written honestly about my feelings and thoughts on this product!



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