Floral Thank You Card Set!

Floral Thank You Card Set!



This set of floral cards is super adorable! It comes with the cards, envelopes, and stickers. The stickers have the same flowers as the cards and have a nice finish on them. The stickers are pretty thick too so there is no issues with rips. The envelopes are cute and thick, the glue did not work very well but it is easy to fix with some tape or a glue stick. I love having extra cards at home for when I need them and this set is wonderful. I think this set would be great for a bridal or baby shower because of the colors but they work for anything.  The cards are made well and I would recommend them to others looking for a nice set of cards!


We changed a couple of our cards into birthday cards. We used some white out on the Thank You part and added some washi tape to the front. Then we just added cute stickers to the front and added a sweet message inside. These cards are fun and the kids enjoyed editing them to make them unique. The kids really like getting and sending mail so it is nice to have sets like these at home for them to write to people.

Check this set out here!

Thanks for reading and Make it SPARKLE!

*I received a free or reduced priced item in exchange for an honest unbiased review! This has not influenced my opinions on the product, I have written honestly about my thoughts and experiences with this product.


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