QHZM Quality Exercise Ball!

QHZM Quality Exercise Ball!



Today we are talking about an anti-burst exercise ball by QHZM Quality. We got the purple ball to test out and we have been enjoying it. The box is pretty small, it comes with the ball, a pump, two plugs, a plug remover, and a strap. This set does not come with any written directions other than the writing on the box. The box says to inflate it to the proper dimensions, but there are no dimensions listed any where. There is not instructions on what the strap is for either. Basically if you had a specific need for the ball when you ordered it you are good, if you wanted to try out a new way to exercise be prepared to do some research before you start.

I have very limited knowledge about exercise equipment, so I did a quick Google search when I got this ball and was glad to see a lot of the exercises are similar to ones I already do. You can use the ball when doing squats, planks, crunches and several other simple exercises. The strap looks like a yoga strap, there are a lot of simple exercises to do with it as well. You can use it to better your stretches and push them further than you can alone. You can also use the strap to carry the ball with you if you want to take it blown up. With the pump and plug remover it is easy to deflate the ball and take with you also. We did not actually use the included pump to inflate our ball. We used a bigger air pump we had at home. The pump does work but because it is small it takes longer than with a bigger pump.



You can check this ball out here!

Thanks for reading and Make it SPARKLE!

  • I received a free product for review purposes. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I have written honestly about my thoughts and experiences with this product.



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