90’s Alternative goes Lullaby!

90’s Alternative goes Lullaby!



We are back to talk about another set of lullabies by Jammy Jams! This time we are talking about the second 90’s Alternative. This is another set of 10 instrumental songs that have the same melody as popular 90’s songs. You can identify the songs if you know them but they have a new sound to them. These have a similar sound to the country lullaby songs.



We have used this set of lullabies for nap times and bed times, but we also used it during art time. This is a nice set of soothing music and provides good background music. The kids were painting cups and we had this set of lullabies playing in the background. The lullabies are soothing like other lullabies but there are no words so you don’t focus on words and find yourself singing, unless you know the song it is made with.



Overall I would recommend this to other parents. I do not know most of the songs on this play set but I really enjoy this set of lullabies. There are several other genres of lullaby songs available and I think there are several for any parent to find one they will enjoy listening to with their children. A lot of children songs are annoying to listen to for the parents and I think these lullabies are a great idea for parents and children to find songs they both like!

You can get this set of lullabies here!

Thanks for reading and Make It SPARKLE!

*I received a free copy of this  music in exchange for an honest review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I have written honestly about my opinions and experiences with this product.


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