Party-Pros 100 Piece Party In A Box Unicorn Themed

Party-Pros 100 Piece Party In A Box Unicorn Themed



This party kit is full of fun items for a great unicorn themed party! This set comes with balloons, cupcake decorations, a headband, an air pump, a happy birthday banner, and photo booth props. Everything in this set has pink, purple, white, and rainbow on it. The set comes with a little air pump that can be used to blow up the balloons. The banner has a straw to blow up it’s letters and has pink ribbon to tie the letters together. Everything in this set is made well, the head band is made with fabric and stuffing and the photo booth props are thick paper and have a sturdy tube handle. This pack says it comes with 100 pieces, but it counts the banner as 14 pieces so really it comes with 87.

Our kit came with 4 white balloons, 6 pink balloons, 6 purple balloons, 2 unicorn balloons, 2 pink heart balloons, 2 purple heart balloons, 12 photo booth props, 1 unicorn headband, 1 air pump, 1 happy birthday banner, 24 cupcake picks (12 of each style), and 24 cupcake wrappers (12 of each style). We were missing 2 white balloons but had everything else for the kit. This pack comes in a cute box wrapped in tissue paper with several individual bags. Everything is packaged nicely.  We blew up the unicorn and heart balloons with air because it was cheaper than helium, the unicorn balloons are about the size of Charlotte. They look great blown up and we did not have any issues with them. The unicorns have string loops on the top and bottom of the balloons, this is nice because you can put the sting on the top if you use air and the bottom if you use helium. The hearts only have the string hole on the bottom. The regular balloons look and feel like normal balloons, they blow up to a good size. The photo booth props are super cute and colorful! They are on paper straws and we only had one that was broken. It was an easy fix with a glue gun though. I love the pink and white swirl on the sticks. Some of the props are gold glitter and look really cute in pictures! I actually used one in my planner because I loved how cute it was! The headband is made a lot better than I expected, it is made with fabric and stuffing. The ribbon came off the base of the horn but it can be put back on with some hot glue. The birthday banner is cute and blows up quickly! The cupcake pieces are brightly colored and coated on one side, so one side is glossy and one is is matte.


The kids loved this set! They have been playing with the balloons for a couple days and really like how bit the unicorns are. Jordan has already decided she wants to have a unicorn party next year for her birthday and we will probably repurchase this pack. I would recommend this pack to other parents who are looking for unicorn themed party supplies! For the price of this pack, the party supplies are outstanding!


Check out this pack on Amazon here!

*I received this pack for free for review purposes. This has not influenced my opinions on the set. I have written honestly about my opinions and experiences with this set.*


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