Disceez: Silicon Flying Disc!

Disceez: Silicon Flying Disc!

Disceez are small silicon flying disc that can be used inside or outside! They come in a variety of fun prints and more are coming out each year. We got a super colorful lego themed one! This disc also came with a free Disceez sticker.


Disceez is easy to throw and catch, even for small hands. Since it is silicon there is no worry about getting hit with the disc. The kids have played with ours inside and outside since we got it. Playing inside is nice when it is raining outside. This would also be great if you were at a gym or other large area, with the boys the living room was big enough for them to throw it back and forth.


The packaging states you are able to throw the Disceez and have it come back to you if you throw it right. We have not been able to make this happen yet even though I have been trying. Overall I think this is a really fun toy and the kids have had a lot of fun with it also. They have played with it everyday since we got it! The only issue we had with ours is that our yard has a lot of sand and the disc picks up sand when it falls and can get in your face or eyes. Overall not a huge issue, we just shake it every time we pick it up before we throw it! I would recommend this for other parents or anyone who enjoys flying disc toys!


Check out the fun designs here!


Thanks for reading! Have a great day and make it sparkle!

*I received a free product for review purposes. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I have written about my thoughts and experiences with the product.




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