The Dog Gang

The Dog Gang


This is a set of cute stories about a group of dog friends! While the stories have the group of friends we are following with Bowie. This set has several stories; Bowie finds a doll, The Little Puppy, A Thin Thread of Love, Cleo’s Ears, and What’s so Scary. The friends face a range of challenges and are able to solve the issues.

The kids and I read these stories together before bed and they really enjoyed them. They liked the cute dogs and the colorful pictures. The stories are creative and not like other overused stories of dogs. I liked the variety in this book, each story the dogs are faced with a different situation. The is a good set of stories, each story is short and easy to read but you are able to break it apart and read one story at a time. We would like to see more stories with Bowie and will be looking to see if there are other stories with the dog gang members.

This book is available here!  It is free with Kindle Unlimited!


Thanks for reading! Have a great day and make it Sparkle!


I recieved a free copy of this book for the review! This has not influenced my opinions on the book! I have written about my children and my own opinions on this book.



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