Google AdWords Audio Book

Google AdWords Audio Book



I have been using the internet for a while and I have hear a lot about Google Adwords but I did not really know anything about it other than you use it to make money from your sites. So when the opportunity to listen to this audio book was available I was ecstatic! Not to mention I was able to listen to this while doing dishes and get two tasks done at the same time! I learned a lot from this book, not only what Adwords is but also how to use it as a business. I love that the book gave examples on how to do each step and went into detail about the development of an ad. This book made it a lot clearer on what this program does and how it puts ads on pages. It explains how you are able to decide how to run your ads too. I like that it gave suggestions on which way to run your ads when you are staring out, to save your money. This book makes it a lot clearer on how to start using Adwords and how to be successful with your business ads on Google.

Check it out here!

*I received a free copy of this audio book in exchange for an honest review of the product. This has not influenced my opinions and thoughts on the product. What I have written are my own thoughts and opinions.*



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