Blue Leather Portfolio

Blue Leather Portfolio



I originally got this because I thought it would be helpful to have in the car for on the go notes and lists. When this first arrived my first impression was very low because it is branded and there was no indication of this in the listing for the product. If the folder had arrived branded but the listed stated that it had some branding or might have some branding, I would have been fine with this product and my first reaction would have been better. After getting over the random branding, I opened this folder to find the “stylish” fabric. I wonder where this fabric is considered stylish, I would recommend avoiding that place at all costs! This fabric hurts my eyes to look at it. This folder does not come with a notepad inside, I found this disappointing because I do not buy these types of notepads because I do not use them. I did have one left over from school so I was able to use this without going to the store! yay! The first time I went to put the notepad in it would not fit. I decided to bend the backing a little to make the notepad go into the folder slot. The notepad did go in but when I was adjusting it the fabric on the inside of the folder ripped by the edge. The fabric has a cut in it for the notepad but has nothing to stop it from ripping or even fraying. My guess is that with continued use this fabric will rip more and start to fray. I have only used it a handful of times in the past couple weeks and it has a small rip. I have removed and replaced the notepad several times in this period and I am sure this has applied more wear and tear in the short time I have had it than a regular usage would. The pocket side is nice and I thought it was a great idea to have three different sized pockets. The pen loop looks great and works well too. The covers are padded and the stitching around the edge looks nice and has no issues. Overall it seems like the outside of the folder is made well and the inside would be made well if the notepad slot was reinforced or something.


This folder functions well, it holds a notepad, pen, and papers without issue. This product is great for someone looking for a nice looking folder and does not care about the inside fabric and possibility of torn fabric. Overall if you were to get this for normal use, I feel like you could use it for a while before it ripped to where it was an issue. I have removed and replaced the notepad more frequently than normal use. The pen loop looks nice and works well for several different types of pens.


Overall I do not feel like I would recommend this product, the biggest factor in this decision is the inside fabric. A user can get over the random branding, especially if it is just for home use and no one is really going to see it. It is harder to get use to the fabric inside that you have to see every time you use this folder. I would recommend that the company changes the inside fabric to a solid color fabric and reinforce the slot for the notepad. I would also suggest updating the listing to include that the product comes with branding so the buyer is aware when making the purchase.



You can get one of these blue folders on Amazon here!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day and don’t forget to make it SPARKLE!


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