I’ma be real with ya here

I’ma be real with ya here

Normally I would just complain about this to Marcus and move on but I don’t see him until tomorrow and I’m really annoyed and to be honest kind of offended. I know a lot of people get offended by little things but this is the first time I have really felt it in a long time. So on to the story…

Today I was working on my videos, trying to get them edited from last week to be specific, and the internet was just not working with me. We live in the middle of no where and this happens a lot, hints why I have put off doing this for a week. After about seven hours of trying to get stuff downloaded from my phone to my computer I decided to go somewhere and use the WiFi. Living in the middle of no where my options are pretty limited. We have a library, but I couldn’t find anything about WiFi or hours on the websites and figured that was not a good choice with four kids. So the other option in town is Wendy’s. I figured this would be great for the kids anyways, get them out of the house and have some frosties! Yum!

So we got everyone ready for the 15 minute drive to town to go to Wendy’s. We get there and the wifi doesn’t want to work on my laptop, it gives me internet access a couple times but as soon as I open a webpage it disconnects. I was disappointed but figured whatever we can have ice cream and I’ll do some work from my phone. I get the kids sat down at a table and go up to order. I put my order in and stand by the counter for my order. While I’m standing there I am watching the kids and start moving videos around on my phone, not really paying attention to the other customers because I don’t care what they are ordering or talking about. I had to wait a bit because they needed to drop more fries, who doesn’t order fries with frosties? 😍 No big deal because I can see the kids, it’s not busy, and I’m getting some work done anyways. This guy comes up to order and like I said I wasn’t paying attention to other people so I’m not entirely sure how the conversation started. I am aware that they were talking about me though because the guy made a point to say louder and staring directly at me that people are all about their phones and the cashier says something about how there are too many phones and everyone is about instant gratification. I was shocked! Here I am with my four kids just trying to get a little work done and these people make ridiculous assumptions about me. I wasn’t even doing anything to them, I responded nicely when I was told it would be a couple minutes for my order. I was standing off to the side so I wasn’t in the way. The only thing I was apparently doing wrong was using my phone in public. I was still paying attention to my kids, who were sitting nicely at a table. As a mom of four I’m litterally the furthest away from someone who is about instant gratification as possible. I just felt so attacked that they would make a point to talk louder and stare at me so they could say some ridiculous assumptions. Apparently I look young, I got told I looked at most 17 when I went to the eye doctor but that’s a different story, but that’s no excuse! If you want to make assumptions about people go ahead but don’t say that shit to them! Seriously! I am a stay at home mom of four, during the summer I have four littles 24/7. When I finally get to go out I don’t want to be treated like I am a bad person for using my phone to get work done.

Alright, that is all! I just needed to get that out so I could feel better! Don’t say stupid shit to people’s faces or where they can hear you! I would say don’t say it at all but I’m being real and I know people talk about others. Just think about what you say before you say it to someone. You don’t know what they are going through! If you feel the need to say something to random strangers say something nice. A lot of times the people you are judging would really appreciate it. Also don’t comment on the number of kids a stranger has. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

βœ¨βœ¨β‡οΈβ‡οΈ Make it sparkle! βœ¨βœ¨β‡οΈβ‡οΈ


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