June’s projects is staring off late but hopefully will be a hit!

As may was coming to an end I decided to try out bullet journaling and daily blogging. I am running a bit behind with the blogging because I have been focusing on my paper journal. I found a couple different prompts for journaling that I found fun and I plan to use a variety of them as blog topics this month.

The first prompt is “What are your goals for the next 30 days?” This seemed like a good first blog post because I can expand on why I wanted to start daily blogging and what I hope to get from this experience. I have always enjoyed writing, it just feels so freeing to write aimlessly but when writing with a purpose I feel like you learn about yourself. Like when I sit and think about what my goals are for the next month I feel optimistic but unsure. I want to start posting more content and develop a larger community within my social following. I follow several people who have several thousand followers and the thought of them starting at a low number just seems unbelievable. I know everyone starts somewhere but it is a bit intimidating to start out and not really know where to start. I saw a post the other night with a picture of the bread aisle, the writer stated that there is enough room for everyone to do what they love online because there are so many options in the bread aisle. This post really struck something in me and motivated me to try harder to grow more.

Overall, I would love to get in a position where I could do collaborations with others and have more interactions with my following. Thanks for reading and I hope you stick with me for my future posts. Leave a comment and let me know what your goals are for the next 30 days! ๐Ÿ˜€


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