Baby Grooming Set Review! 

Baby Grooming Set Review! 

This is a cute set that has the little things you need for a baby or child. This set works if you have one or several children. We are constantly looking for nail clippers and combs at our house. I like that everything has a black and purple theme. It looks nice. Everything seems to be made well and the nail clippers and brush and comb do not feel super cheap like some other sets we have used. The toothbrush is nice and works well for Scott. We don’t use the finger brush because Scott is a biter but he likes to use it when we are getting ready to brush his teeth. The case is made well and looks nice. This set also has a plastic nail file and a set of scissors. The case has a zipper closure. This set would make a great baby shower gift! This is a nice item to gift because even if they get a couple sets they are still useful because it is so easy to misplace the items. Overall I am happy with this set and how nice the items are. I would recommend this set to others who are looking for a baby gift or having/have children of their own.

Check this set out here! 

I received this item for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product.


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