Pokemon Go Buddy Update!

Yay so if you play Pokemon Go you might know about the awesome new way to get candies for your Pokemon, the buddy system. This is a nice feature and all you have to do is walk around like you already do with your buddy. This is a great way to get candies for rare Pokemon! 

The buddy tab comes up in the profile tab. You simply click the button and pick any Pokemon you want. The distance you have to walk depends on the egg that they hatch from. Starter pokemon take a 3k walk to get a candy though. There has been some reports of getting two candies for filling the meter but it is very rare. 

For my first Pokemon Buddy I went with Weepinbell. Mostly because I am working to get enough candies to evolve it. 👍😊😄

I noticed after I picked it that it looks great with my team instinct profile set. Awesome! You get a little buddy icon by your profile pic when you are playing the game and there is a meter to tell you how close you are to finding a candy. You can also go to the profile page and click on your buddy to see the exact distance you have walked! 

Let me know in the comments who you picked for your first buddy and why! 👍😍🦄💕
Good luck and Pokeon! 


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