The History Major

The History Major

This is a pretty short book but it took me a while to read because of how it is written. The chapters switch back and forth between the present and the past. It might just be me but I had a hard time trying to follow this book and had to go back and reread a lot. The main character is a woman who is just starting college. She has a drunken night and fights with her Β boyfriend about her friends. She doesn’t remember everything that happens though. It is the first day of classes and she notices she has history. Well she knows she didn’t sign up for history so she goes to get it fixed. The office women and not helpful at all and tell her that is where she is suppose to be. This reminded me a lot of when I was in college, everyone is always sooo helpful. 😜 Off she goes to history. At class she meets Nick, he seems super familiar but she can’t place where she knows him from. Through out class she is told repetitively that it is all about associations. She doesn’t understand but she is thrown into flashbacks about her pasts as the lessons happen. Eventually she is told what is going on and learns the true. She even gets to talk with a special person she haven’t seen in a while.
I was not a big fan of this book until the end, and then it was over! 😞 I really didn’t like the main character. She picks mean friends over her boyfriend and just seems like a jerk most of the time towards him. I did like the idea of the story and once it was done flashing into the past I enjoyed the book. I think I just didn’t like it because having to reread makes the story choppy rather than smooth. The book is pretty short like I said and I think this would be a good book for a teen or an adult to read if they are looking for a new book. I would not recommend this if you are like me and don’t like flashback books but it is written well and the concept of death is very interesting.

Check it out here!


I received this book for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the book.


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