Baby Proofing Lock Review👶🏻

Baby Proofing Lock Review👶🏻

This pack of locks is pretty nice. They are easy to install and come with extra sticky pads. You can open these from either side so which ever way is easier for you. We have one on our fridge because Austin and Scott won’t leave it alone. It has kept them out well. Dad on the other hand is not kept out with these locks. He has broke two of them by just pulling the door open, the funny thing is he is the one that put the lock on. He even made fun of me because I tried to open the fridge to put away groceries. Overall these work well as long as you remember they are on.

This comes with several locks too which is nice for it you break one or two or if you want to use them for several things. You can use these on the toilet also but we didn’t try that.

🗣 Warning: Does not work on dads! 😃

Check these locks out on Amazon here! 


I received this item for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product.


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