Waxonware Sauce Pan Review! 

Waxonware Sauce Pan Review! 

This pan is wonderful. I love the look of it and how the lid is vented! This is nonstick and is super easy to clean. It can even go in the dishwasher! This is a good sized pan and works well to make one pan meals. I have used this pan several times since I got it last week and it is my favorite pan right now.

The lid of this pan had a rubber edge around it so when you put it on the pan it is quiet. This comes in handy why you have little boys who are playing music with your pan kids too! 😀

There are other types of pans made like this by the brand too. I am excited to check them out and get some more! These pans don’t come in a box set so you have to buy each one individually. That way you can buy the pans you actually use!

Check this sauce pan out on Amazon here! 

I received this item for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This had not influenced my opinions on the product. I have written honestly about my experiences with this item.


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