US Art Supply Craft Apron Review πŸ–πŸ–

US Art Supply Craft Apron Review πŸ–πŸ–

This is a nice tan canvas apron. This has three pockets, two at the bottom and one in the middle of the chest. The top of this has a loop closure (not sure what it is called 😬) where you lace it through both and then back through one. This allows you to make the top bigger or smaller depending on how you want it to fit.

This works well for me as an adult but also works for children. This is pretty stiff but seems like it would prevent paint or liquids from getting onto your clothes well.

This apron works well for painting as well as plenty of other crafts. You could also wear this For gardening or for cooking if you wanted. I am going to use some fabric markers and paint to make this cuter to wear but I am happy with the quality and sizing of this apron and I love the three pockets. You can never have enough pockets!

Find this apron on Amazon here!Β 


I got this item for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. I have written about my thoughts and experiences with this product.


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