Once Upon A Child Back To School Shopping! 

Jordan starts 2nd grade next week and of course she has out grown like all the shorts and pants that she wore last year. We had some clothes that were too big for her before so we did not need to get a lot of stuff. We went out to Daytona to the new Once Upon A Child and got her two pairs of shorts, a glittery skirt, and a nice dress yesterday. 

We also got her and Scott  a pair of sandals, and Austin a pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. Jordan’s sandals are a little worn around the edges and the skirt looks a little rough but everything else looks great! We got all this for $3o thanks to tax free days! The kids all like there shoes and Jordan likes her clothes. We even learned that they would be putting out soccer cleats in the next couple weeks, which works out wonderfully because Jordan needs a new pair for next month and I have 15% off my next purchase thanks to my store punch card! 

If you have little kids or know someone who does You should really check out Once Upon A Child! They do buy some stuff too but I have only done that once and was not too impressed with the result. But if you are just looking for a way to get rid of some clothes or toys it would be worth it to check out. This is not sponsored or connected to the Once Upon A Child store, I am just writing from my experience and my love of the store! They also have great sales with their clearance items so keep an eye on that. You can follow them on Facebook to know about all the up coming sales!💕💕💕


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