Dollar Tree Finds August 6, 2016

We went out to Daytona yesterday in search of a Once Upon A Child to get the kids new shoes. We found it and got a great deal on some back to school clothes and shoes for all the kids! After we finished up we decided to look at some of the other stores in the plaza. There was a Dollar tree and we stopped in to check out what they had. I love the Dollar Trees in Florida! They have like everything! Even a freezer section! 😱😱 Okay so the last time I was in PA the Dollar Tree up there had more stuff like this too but I was shocked the first time I went to a dollar store and there was a sign for steak! Yes you can buy steak at the dollar store, not sure of the quality but who knows. Anyways, we looked at school stuff and ended up walking through the store. 

Here is most of what we got. We also ended up with a balloon, a book, three workbooks for Austin, and some root beer. I love these disinfectant wipes and I always pick up a couple things of them when I go to the Dollar Tree. These ones are to send in to school. The baby wipes, erasers, and big hand sanitizer are all from the school supply list too. I got the little hand sanitizer to put into Jordan’s backpack and the coloring books are for home. My favorite things are definatly the coloring books. They are all name brand coloring books and pretty good sized for only a buck! I always grab a couple books when there are nice ones because they are great for gifts or to keep the kids occupied. Austin and I decided to use our US Art Supply markers with these new coloring books this morning and it was a good time. 

Overall this was a great trip out and we even learned that we will be able to get Jordan new soccer cleats from Once Upon A Child later this month! πŸ‘πŸ‘βš½οΈβš½οΈ


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