So You Want To Be A Product Reviewer?

Things to consider:

1. How much time are you willing to put into reviews? Will you do videos or just pictures?
2. Can you be objective about items you get for free or a discounted price?
3. Are you going to be able to do your reviews in the time frame stated? Usually 2 weeks from ordering but it depends on the promotion.
4. Are you going to do discounted priced items or just free ones?

Things you need to start:

1. An email account. You can use one you already have, I set up a new one so that all my review stuff went to its own email.
2. An Amazon account with at least one review. You can buy something through Amazon and review it when it comes or you can find something on Amazon that you have already and review it.
3. A phone or camera to take pictures of the products.
4. Internet to find promotions, buy products, and post reviews.
5. *optional* Amazon Prime. While it is not required to have it does make it easier to get free things. Some companies will send products to you directly if you do not have prime but not all. If you intend to review products a lot Prime will pay for itself in the first month. It is $99 for a year. If you are just starting there are always promotions going on Amazon for free trials. That is how I started!
6. *optional* A note book for writing down your items and what you need to do with each. I wish I would have known this when I started, I tried to keep track with the emails I got. I have a basic notebook and I write the date I got approved, the item, where I need to post a review, the site I got the item from, and the price I paid. I then highlight the items when I get them and cross out the sites as I post to them.

Sites to have for reviewing:

1. Amazon
a. Amazon is the main site I review on and most of the view sites I use go off the rank you have for your Amazon reviews! This is the only one you need. The other ones just add more to your reach. You can have one or more of the following and everything helps!
2. Facebook
a. You can use your main page or make a blog page. I have both and use the blog post for most so I am not annoying others.
3. Instagram
a. I just use my personal account. This is a really easy way to review if you have a smart phone. You can also connect with a lot of other reviewers through hashtags.
4. Twitter
a. I am not a big fan of Twitter because of its limited characters but it is easy to use and pretty easy to gain a following!
5. YouTube
a. This one is a little more difficult to get a following but it works well if you like doing videos.
6. A Blog
a. A blog may seem a little intimidating, I know it still is for me! I was told early on that seller did not like people who used free blog sites and would not use them for reviews. I have found this is a lie! I use WordPress and have never had a seller tell me they did not like it. Blogs are nice because you can write and post pictures and videos in one post. There are several other free blog sites that work well too.

Sites to sign up with:

1. Tomoson
a. This is my favorite site to use for reviews. It is organized well and easy to use. This site lets you see only the free promotions, the discounted promotions, the paid promotions, or all three. There is an option to only show the promotions that you qualify for and you can look at the different categories. This site also allows you to tell the seller which sites you are willing to post on and also how long you want to take to review. You have to wait to be approved and then you are either given a promo code to use on Amazon or you are sent the product directly. After you post the reviews you then put the links to each of your reviews on the Tomoson page.
2. AMZ Review Trader
a. This is another nice site to use, I do not feel like it is as organized as Tomoson but I get a lot of good stuff from here. I usually select the categories I want to review in and put them from price lowest to highest. You have to wait to be approved for these promotions, some approve you quickly and others take weeks. You can accept or reject the promotion once you are approved for it. You then get a code to order your item. The only place you need to review on with this site is Amazon. Once you post a review and it is live you simply copy and paste the link to your review. As you do more reviews you get to a higher rank and can have more items out to review.
3. Giveaway Services
a. I have gotten some nice items from this site. It is a little complicated to use compared to the other ones. You apply for different promotions and wait to be approved. The promotions have different prices and different requirements. This site uses Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It might use other ones but I have not had any others show up. When you get approved for a promotion on this site you get an email telling you that you have a message from the seller. You then get a promo code from them or get the item sent directly to you. Once you have the item you post your reviews on the required sites. You then put your links in the form on this site and you are good.
4. Blue Ribbon Reviews
a. This site is pretty easy to use, I always put the products in order from lowest price to highest. This site does not have as many free promotions as the other ones but once in a while there is a good item. Also the discounted products are pretty good. This site is nice because you apply to write a well written review, a picture review, or a video review and you are approved immediately for it. This site also has buttons to go directly to buy and review the item on Amazon.
5. Snag Shout
a. This site is a little different, you have the promotions listed and you can see the prices for the items. You then get to “snag” a deal and if you are lucky there is a code waiting for you. I like this because it is instant and you can order the item. This does have a limit until you get several reviews done. It goes up with each review I believe. This site does not have a ton of free promotions but they do have some and there are some nice discounted items too!
6. Review Kick
a. This is another site where you apply for promotions and wait to be approved. This one has a good number of free items. There is a limit to the amount of requests you can submit so make sure you look through all the promotions before you apply for the first ones. This site is for Amazon reviews as well.
7. .08L
a. This is the newest site that I started using. There are a handful of promotions going on at one time. You apply for these promotions and either pick Instagram or Facebook to review on. How I understand it you post a picture with the required hashtags and put the link on the .08L site. I have not received anything from them yet but I have a promotion that is preparing to ship. I will update more once I get it.

Other Sites I use that are a little different:

1. I Love To Review
a. This is a site that send you emails randomly when there is something to review. Many of them are discounted and there are a few free ones but if you do not check your email they might be out of coupons when you check.
2. Amazing Deals Group
a. This site offers you a handful of deals that you are able to choose from. You earn coins when you review and you are able to use these coins to get the deals. I have not used this a lot because I was not all that interested in the deals. Usually there are one or two free items and a couple discounted items. I have done two reviews on this site and it works well if you find deals you like. This works with Amazon reviews.
3. Crowdtap
a. This is a great site to use. You can get free products to sample and review and also win gift cards. I use this to earn gift cards for when I want to review discounted items!
4. Jungle Launch
a. This is another one where you get an email when there is something to review. I have only gotten two emails, one I reviewed and the other I did not make it in time to get the coupon. It works pretty well but there is not a lot going on with it.
5. Generation Good
a. This is similar to Crowdtap and offers the chance to get free products in exchange for reviews. I have a house party box coming so I will update more on that when it comes!
6. Tryazon
a. This is a site used to host house parties for different products. I have not been approved for anything so I do not know much about it.


1. I am not saying I know everything about reviewing items or these sites I am just writing about my experiences with them. I wrote this because I have been asked by several people how I do what I do.
2. Make sure you read the descriptions for what you are applying for. There are several listings for screen protectors and they show the phone or for shoe inserts and it’s a picture of really cute shoes.
3. When I say that the sites have free items I mean they are free with Amazon Prime, if you do not have prime you have to pay for shipping.
4. You will probably become best friends or enemies with your postal workers!
5. Make friends with other reviewers online! You can share different sites you use and talk about the products you have tried. I have several reviewers on my friends list that I feel like I know but I do not really know in person!
6. If you apply for a promotion and get approved make sure you leave a review! Don’t be a jerk and get the product for free and leave them hanging.
7. Don’t let sellers bully you! I have been asked by several seller to change my reviews or to take them down. Just be honest with your review. That being said if you are wrong and they help you change it to make it right!
8. I was not paid or reimbursed for the sites I posted here these are just my opinions and are not linked to the sites!

I hope this helps clear up how to get started! Feel free to share this and tag your friends if they are interested. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer the best I can. If you are a reviewer and have something to add feel free to leave that too! Good luck and have fun!


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