Mamaway Far Infrared Crossover Sleeping Nursing Bra Review!


This is the Mamaway Far Infrared Crossover Sleeping Nursing Bra – For Increasing Milk Supply in lilac. I love the color of this bra, it is more of a pink than a purple in my opinion but I love it. This bra is pretty comfortable to wear and the front works wonderful for nursing. It does not seem to stretch out after being pulled down to nurse. I love that the straps are thick and do not pull into your shoulders while wearing this. This has a nice band for the bottom too. This has hooks on the back so it is easy to put on and take off. This bra even has little pocket areas in the bra so you can pad it if you want. The only issue I had with this bra is the front seams are not the best for nursing mothers. Personally I find it annoying and would like to see them removed. I suppose if you wore nursing pads they would not be an issue but I do not wear them all the time. I do feel like this bra is a little small but it stretches and feels comfortable once you put it on. This bra also comes in a yellow color!

Check this bra out here!

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**I received this product for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product! I have written honestly about my feelings and experiences with the product. I have no connection with the company and I have not been compensated for this review other than the product.**


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