Coloring Notebook Review!

Coloring Notebook

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On to the review now! 😀


This is an amazing notebook. I really like writing and I always have a notebook with me. I just love making lists for things. I also LOVE coloring! ❤ So when I was contacted about a notebook that was both a notebook and an adult coloring book you better believe I was excited! I went to the site and was super impressed with all the different options there are. You can get a lined notebook, a blank notebook, or a dot grid notebook. I was asked if I would make a blog post with  some sample pages and I accepted.


I was surprised to get a whole notebook a couple days later. This is a nice notebook too, it is thread-bound which high quality paper. These notebooks has 176 pages with more than 50 original coloring pages. This notebook has a hardcover and an elastic strap to keep it closed! It also has a yellow ribbon bookmark. My favorite page is the button page but I love all the other coloring pages too.


They are very unique and there are even a couple coloring pages that take up two pages.


The paper is pretty thick and you are able to color on one side and use the other side to write on. I have used mostly gel pens in mine, simply because that is what I have been reviewing lately. I love the variety in the coloring pages in this book.


Overall I am super happy with this book and I would love to see full sized notebooks made like this too. I am very happy to have been selected to review this item, it is my favorite item that I have gotten to review in a while.


This notebook also has a pocket in the back to place papers in.


After using this book for a week here are the pages I have worked on!

The only problem I have had with this notebook is that the bookmark was fraying. I simply melted the end of the ribbon with a lighter and it is all better!

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❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

** I received this item for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I was not paid to write what I have written, it is all my opinions and thoughts on the product.**


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