June 1st Updates! The Picture Edition Apparently!


You can check out royalty free pics at Pixabay.com, not a sponsor just saying! 🙂 

Hello all and welcome to June! School is letting out and summer is upon us, not that there is much a difference in Florida. This month I am going to list the changes that have occurred but I also have an announcement that will come towards the end of this post, so keep reading! ❤

So First Things First Amazon ❤ 

june 1

#12,443 as of this morning (June 1, 2016) 

MAY 1 Amazon rank

Here is last months for comparison ❤ 

In the month of May I went from #22,558 to #12,443, quite impressive! My helpful votes also went up to 182. All seems good here, improvement!


Next the Social Medias ❤  

May 2, 2016: Twitter:  616 Followers  Instagram:  122 FollowersFacebook:  176 friends Page: 9 Likes YouTube:  19 Subscribers 149 Videos

June 1, 2016: Twitter:  645 Followers  Instagram:  169 FollowersFacebook:  217 friends Page: 15 Likes YouTube:  44 Subscribers 167 Videos Blog Followers: 31

Goals For May:

1,200 Total Reach (Almost 1121)

25 subscribers on YouTube

Blogging more consistently!


The Big 25 Updates!

  1. DONE!
  2. No Progress
  3. 44 subscribers
  4. Been running but no races yet
  5. Going surprisingly well!
  6. Yup still doing at least one call a week!
  7. Still using this blog so yep! 31 Followers! woo!❤
  8. Nope
  9. Not really
  10. Went to the Fish Hatchery for Austin’s Birthday! IMG_4809
  11. Nope
  12. Nope, has not happened yet
  13. Not really using pinterest now a days
  14. meh not using it much, I play games on sunday to waste some time before cleaning the hosue 🙂
  15. nah
  16. Yup, This is actually going very well because my car is not working so we are not using it.😦
  17. Not really , I did make Austin’s Cake though! ❤ Nothing fancy but he wanted yellow and sprinkles! IMG_4848
  18. Nothing really new here
  19. DONE!
  20. Going pretty well!
  21. Got a pretty awesome work out book to review and I like it a lot! IMG_4365
  22. I did wear a pair this past month, they were wedge sandals but those count ❤ IMG_4700.JPG
  23. I have most of it in a plastic tote right now:) It is working pretty well!
  24. Have not finished the series I want to read yet but I have been reading a lot! Finished my new Goodreads Goal too! IMG_4768
  25. Nothing super new, relaxing and blogging actually seem to help so who knew! parasailing-1031275

The Big News!

I am not going to set goals for June because I am going to take a break from reviews. I am still going to finish the ones I have out now and if I get approved for the ones I have already applied for then I will do those too. Also I have a couple companies that I have been reviewing for through email so those are going to be based on how I feel that day! ❤ I am just annoyed with sellers and Amazon right now. I am having issues with my reviews not posting for several days which makes my reviews late on Tomoson. I have also been receiving a lot of emails from sellers before the product arrives or the day it arrives asking where the review is. I use a post office box and just because the package is delivered does not mean I actually have it yet. I do not take a long time to do my reviews and I get annoyed when the sellers are asking for it the day it arrives. How am I suppose to get nice pictures and write a good review if I just got it two hours ago? I know it is their job to get reviews but come on, lets be logical here. I am sure my Amazon score will go down and everything but who knows maybe I will focus on Freebies this month and see where I end up.

Thanks for reading y’all!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



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