Grill Brush Review!

This brush is very heavy and has three brushes together at the top. This works well to clean up the grill. There is no worry about breaking the brush because it is made very well. The tongs that come with this set are pretty cheap. Since the tongs are a bonus to the brush it is not horrible that they are cheap. They are an added bonus and work fine. This is a nice set and would make a great gift for Father’s Day or a birthday for anyone who likes to grill out.


Overall this is a good purchase and we are getting a lot of use out of this. I gave this to my boyfriend with a set of grill mats that I got to review, I think he got the hint that I am ready to use the grill more! I am not one for grilling but I love eating food off the grill. He is actually out using the grill mats as I write these posts so YAY! There will be a post on the mats shortly!

This is available on Amazon here!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

**I received this for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the products. I have written honestly about how I feel about the products and how they work.**


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