Eye Sun Sunglasses Cases Review

I just want to start with saying I LOVE my sunglasses. I keep at  least three pairs in my car at any given time. My favorite are big and bright colored plastic ones with dark tint! When I got an email asking me to review these two different cases I was super excited.

Both cases come with a cleaning cloth and I love that! The first case is the EyeSun Glasses Pouch Soft Leather Eye Glasses Pouch and the second one is the Folding Velvet Eye Glass Case. Both these cases are made well and look great. Sadly these do not work well with the type of glasses I normally wear. The leather pouch works well enough that I am going to keep it in my van with my glasses. It will keep them from getting scratched up.  The purple case works well with aviator type glasses. It has a magnetic closure on the side. I am going to use the purple case for my glasses and contact case instead of sunglasses!


Overall I love the quality of these product and the colors! I would definitely recommend these cases if you use flatter glasses. You can check them out on Amazon! The box is here and the 4 pack is here.

This picture shows the difference in how the case looks with a pair of aviators in it and how it looks with three pairs of plastic glasses in it. The case does roll up with the bigger glasses it just does not look as nice.

**I received these for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product and I am very happy with both even though they did not work for what I intended!**


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