Organic and Fair Trade Black Tea Review

This is my first experience with loose leaf tea. I was a little worried about it because I have always viewed it as difficult for whatever reason. I was planning to get a loose leaf tea infuser but wanted tea sooner than I made it to the store. I decided to try to make this tea in the coffee pot. It worked pretty well and I was happy to have a whole pot of tea for the day.

I was super excited about the green tea chai because I love my chai tea, it is made with a black tea so the green tea was a new mix for me. It smells amazing while it is brewing and the color is wonderful. I love using a glass mug when drinking tea so the color shows. I was very disappointed with the first glass of tea I drank and I thought maybe it was from the water because I used tap water. I made it the next day with filtered water and some how it was worse. Sadly I think the tea just has a weird after taste to it.

The black tea did not disappoint though! It is one of my favorites now. I love to drink it hot with honey and sugar or iced. My family loves when I make iced tea with this black tea and it only lasts a day. I would definitely recommend the black tea to anyone looking for a good tea. Also to anyone scared to try loose leaf tea, (it can’t just be me right???) do not fret just make it like coffee and you will have a great pitcher of tea in no time!

Drinking the Green Tea Chai with Some Milk! ❀ 

Check this tea out here!

**I got this tea for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the teas!**


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