Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blanket Set Review

This set comes with three swaddle blankets. A pink one with white arrows, a white ones with a pink and gray chevron design, and a white one with pink and gray plus signs. These are really big. I was surprised by the size. They are big enough to swaddle Scott, not that he was having any part of that. He ripped the blanket  off before I could get a pictures! 🙂


The Baby In Question. He Is 1 Year Old Now!

I love the patterns of these blankets they are super adorable! The pink, white, and gray combo is cute and works for your baby as they get older too. These blankets are super light weight and are perfect for upcoming summer. These would also work great to use as a nursing cover or a blanket for nap time.


I washed one to see what the difference would be between a washed one and unwashed. I found that the washed one the stitches look farther apart and it seems to be stretched a little. It did not shrink or stretch into an odd shape, the stitching is just not as tight. This is not a big issue but if you would use these for swaddling and continue to wash and use I would imagine it would become an issue. Since we are not using them to swaddle it did not seem like much of an issue to me.


White one is unwashed while the pink is washed

After washing these blankets are much softer also! Overall I am happy with this item and I think it would make a nice gift for a summer baby shower or if they live in the South an anytime baby shower gift. These are also nice for toddlers who like to carry around a blanket, they are big enough to cover the child but not so big to be a problem.

This product is available on Amazon here.

❤ ❤ Not into the pink?? The company also has a gray and white set of these blankets here. ❤ ❤

**I received this product for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on this product.**


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