FamFave Thermometer Review With Promo Code!

This FamFave Thermometer is suppose to be lightning fast, it takes about 20 seconds to get a reading when used orally. This does not seem like a long time but I am not sure it is “lightning fast” either. I do like that the light turns on when you turn on the thermometer and while it turns off while taking the reading it beeps a lot and the light comes back on. I do not know what is up with all the beeping it makes before the light comes on, it seems like overkill. One or two beeps would work fine.


The numbers on this thermometer are big and easy to read. There is not a bunch of confusing steps to get a reading either. You push the button (only one! a plus already) and it shows the last temperature taken. It then is ready to take the new temperature, it will beep when it is done and eventually light up with the temperature. I usually just look at it when it starts beeping but I am impatient! 🙂


No temperature! Yay!

I love the bright green color on this thermometer! Nice colored things make being sick so much more fun! The tip is bendy and seems like it is nicer than the other ones we have that are hard plastic the whole way down. This comes with a plastic cover for the end and a direction sheet.

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This product is available here.


**I received this product for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product, I have written about how I view the product.**


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