Mamaway Nursing Bra Review

This nursing bra is wonderful. I think one of the biggest struggles with nursing a baby is trying to find a nursing bra that works well and feels nice. I have tried a lot of bras and several are just not practical at all for nursing. Who designs these things anyways??? I have even seen push up nursing bras… really???


This one wears similar to a sports bra, which is nice, but the back has clasps on it so you do not have to pull it over your head. I like how it feels while wearing it and how practical it is when nursing. This bra opens well when nursing. I did find that the clips on the front were difficult to use one handed the first couple times I used it. After using it for about a week the clasps seem to be easier to use now.


When this bra is open to nurse there is just a strip of elastic on the side. I did like that this bra stretches up to 3 cup sizes, that means you could get this and use it during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I do not know how well it stretches because at this point in my nursing routine I am not changing cup sizes. I also like that this bra comes in purple! It is not a vibrate purple but boy and I sick of wearing nude colored bras. There is nothing more depressing than getting dressed and your options are nude bra or black bra.

This bra is available on Amazon.

**I received this product for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product. I would not lie about a bra, especially after spending the amount of money I have on trying to find a bra that feels good and works for nursing.**


One thought on “Mamaway Nursing Bra Review

  1. I have two of these and they are SO comfy!! I’ve yet to use them while nursing (I’m 36 weeks pregnant) but I’m sure they’ll be great. 😀


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