Born To Run Book Review

This is a book about Alex, a girl in foster care who has just turned 13. She is a a foster care house and the woman in charge of the house is less than motherly. Alex and her friend Ashley plan to run away and live alone together on Alex’s birthday. Sadly this never happens because of a mishap at the house. The incident robs Alex of her best friend and sends her into a panic. Alex runs away, she lies about who she is to get help from different people along the way and some how ends up at North Oak. Mr. North finds her and takes her to the doctor that lives in North Oak. Alex tries to run again only to be found in the barn with the horses. Mr. North makes a deal with her to say for 10 days, through this period she becomes attached to North Oak and the horses. When they win the big race Alex and the group end up on the front page of the paper with their horse. This causes panic in Alex and she reveals her past to her new friends. Will they still want her to stay in North Oak now that they know what she did? How is this going to work out for Alex??


This is a quick read. There are also two other books in the series. The book is written well.

Check out Born To Run Here.

**I received a free copy of this book for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the book. I bought the kindle version on Amazon.**


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