April Updates!

Hello and welcome to April! I am posting this today instead of yesterday because yesterday Scott turned one and I was not messing around on here! 🙂


So first things first, Amazon rank!

april 1 amazon page

52,811 As of April 1 2016


80,773 March 1 2016

That is a pretty big change for a month. Especially since it did not change most of the month. I am pretty happy with it and I am glad my helpful reviews have gone up to 76.

So this month I am going to add my social media numbers to this update to see how that changes!

Twitter: 561 Followers  Instagram: 58 Followers Facebook:  145 friends Page: 3 Likes YouTube: 14 Subscribers 119 Videos

So lets look at how the other aspects of my life have been this past month! Looking back at the resolution list I made in January, here is where I stand with everything!


Yes I cut my hair off. It is a lot shorter than I wanted it but I am happy with it for now! ❤

2. No Progress

3. I have 14 subscribers so I am getting closer…. Sloooooowly!

4. Nothing New

5. It is an on again off again thing but when I don’t paint my nails I make sure to take off the chipped paint 😀

6. Still going strong actually went up to PA for Easter so that was a great time!

7. Still here and I currently have 8 followers on here but I am one some how… Pretty good!

8.  No Progress

9. No Progress

10. No Progress

11. No Progress

12. My hair is now short and super difficult to braid. I have been trying though! ❤

13. Negative

14. Definitely have been doing this!

15. Not really happening

16. We took the #backseatpledge so this has been going well!


Austin Coloring

17. Kinda, off and on we make cookies.

18. Nope 🙂


20. No Progress

21. No Progress

22. I wore a pair while I was in PA so that is something 🙂

23. Work In Progress! ❤

24. Have not finished all the series yet, but I did finish my Goodreads challenge. I then bumped my challenge up to 150 and I am pretty close to that too! ❤

25. Nothing new to report on here!


Goals for April:

~1,000 Total Reach

~More Paid Reviews

~More Blog Posts (Every other day)


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