NINEWE Drawstring Lace Border Chiffon Beach Swimsuit Cardigan Tops / Bikini Cover up Review

Here is the image used to sell the cover up.


This is a nice cover up, it is super light weight which is nice for the summer. The first thought when I saw it was that it looked more like a robe from a night gown than a swimsuit cover up, but it is nice.



It had a strong chemical smell when it first arrived but I washed it and the smell is completely gone. This product is suppose to be hand washed but I threw it in the washing machine and washed it before I read that. It turned out fine and looks just like it did before washing.


This cover up is very big, it is a square of fabric with a draw string around the middle. I would have preferred the sides to be closed and make sleeves because I think it would have gave it more shape. This cover up is suppose to fit up to a medium, size 8-10. It seems much bigger than that to me.


I feel like this is a nice cover up and I do like it, being big and only having a string for the side are the only things I do not love. The lace on the edge is nice and gives the cover up some detail.


This is available on Amazon here.

**I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product and everything I wrote is true to how I feel about it.**


2 thoughts on “NINEWE Drawstring Lace Border Chiffon Beach Swimsuit Cardigan Tops / Bikini Cover up Review

  1. Hi may I ask what site you found the NINEWE stuff for review? I am also a reviewer and have been trying to review one of their bathing suits but cant find the source for it. Id be happy to share the sites I use in case any of them are new to you as well. Thanks!


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