The Stone Bearers Review

I just finished reading this book, I absolutely loved it! It is a pretty long book but I think it is completely worth it! The cover work for this book is beautiful! I would love to read more books about the stone bearers in this book and see what happens as their lives go on. Who knows maybe there will be a second one!
This is a story about a girl who after hearing a less than exciting prophecy about herself decides to go out and be more. She finds herself in a new land and makes a couple friends. She even gets to mean elves and a djinni. There is a rumor of a demon going around but no one knows exactly what it means. I absolutely love the ending of this book!! It was great that everyone got what they really wanted in the end. Ashira discovered what she really wanted was not to be a princess like her sisters after all.
This story just goes to show how what you think you want can be completely wrong. You may think you want to be a princess and be rich but in reality that is not the really thing you want and you will not be happy with it. And sometimes what you really want is something you have had all along! Check out The Stone Bearers on Amazon! From March 10 – 16 2016 The book will be $0.99 after that it will go back to $9.99. So if you are interested make sure to check it out soon!

**I received a free early copy of this book in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the book.**


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