The Bad Luck Curse Book Review


This is the first book in the Kafka Legacy Series. This book follows a boy named James who has just turned eleven. The day before his birthday he is given good new and bad news, he will finally be able to use his magic but his family has a bad luck curse that he will now bear. If dealing with this was not enough for James his school is under the control of a creature from another world. Now he has to manage his curse with all his new magic and try to act normal around everyone at school, piece of cake right?


During all the adventures of this book James learns that his aunt has passed away and has left him her parakeet. How exciting a new pet! Later he learns that the parakeet is no normal bird and adds more adventures to his daily life then he expected. Amy, the parakeet, is a magical bird who is also a wereparakeet who turns into a human on full moons. Talk about a great birthday present!


This is a really cute book. It has twists and turns but the plot is not overly involved. This would be a great book for a weekend read or to read in the evenings. This book would be great for kids and adults who like book about magic. The Bad Luck Curse was a nice book to read and I am excited to read the second one. The thing I loved about this book was that it was an open ended ending but not a cliff hanger. There is more that can and will happen in the series but you are not left invested in the well being of the characters and having to wait for the next book. I loved the idea of a wereparakeet turning into a human that was so creative!

This book and the second book to the series are available on Amazon.

** I received this book for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the book.**


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