March 1st 2016 Update

So today is the first of the month so that means update on what has been going on in my life! Woo so exciting! 🙂 So first things first lets look at Amazon rankings from the beginning of February and today!


This is from February 1st…. Did you notice it is the same number going backwards?


Here is my profile from today. #80,773

That is a change of 214,819!! I am super impressed! I mean I am under 100,000 and I was not expecting to do that for a couple more months. This month has brought a lot of items in for review and my social media accounts have been increasing as well so I suppose that has led to the rapid increase of my Amazon ranking.


So lets look at how the other aspects of my life have been this past month! Looking back at the resolution list I made in January, here is where I stand with everything!

  1. I have still not done anything new with my hair! 🙂 I was going to cut it but I hate cutting my hair because I can not change my mind after and go back!
  2. No new converse as of yet 😦
  3. Still working towards the play button! I have 13 Subscribers as of now so that is an improvement! ❤
  4. Have not ran a race yet but I do run on the weekends!
  5. I went a while without nail polish but I have gotten back into doing my nails! My mom sent me a bunch of nail polishes so that helped. ❤
  6. This one is going well and I think it was a great idea ❤
  7. Still using this and have even expanded to include review posts here!
  8. Nope, Maybe next year! ❤
  9. Some of the review sites I use have sponsored review items, as of now I have made $1 from reviews so who knows!
  10. Have not been anywhere exciting yet, we went to the Central Florida Fair last week… Does that count? 🙂
  11. That’s a negative as of yet
  12. Nope have not tried yet
  13. Well I stopped pinning new things and have not done anything from Pinterest lately
  14. This is definitely happening, I do use it a couple times a week because of my reviews but I have not really been on it other than that.
  15. Uhh I went to a birthday party with my kids and talked to people….. :/
  16. This is going pretty well actually
  17. Also going well, it is about every 2 weeks but still! ❤
  18. Nope
  20. Eh kinda? Still working on it
  21. This has been working slightly, I have been running on the weekends and I have been getting  a lot of workout stuff to review.
  22. Nope
  23. Negative
  24. I have not finished any of the series I want to read yet but I am almost done with my Goodreads challenge! I have 43 of the 50 done. My boyfriend says that it does not count because I have done a lot of coloring book reviews and children’s book reviews and they are counted in my challenge. I do not care, I read them and I say they count!
  25. I would say that this is a on again off again thing. It is in the air as to if I have found something to deal with stress or not!


So there is my update as of March 1st! I am sure this month will bring about a lot of changes also! Want a new friend??? Check me out on the social medias, I follow back and what not!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube!

❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks for reading, Have a great day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤



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