Putter and the Red Car Book Review


This is a cute book about a family’s move across the US. The story is told by the dog, Putter. Putter tells about all the great adventures he has with his family as they are on their trip. He gets to stay in a hotel, visit his friend, ride an elevator, and even have a hamburger. There are plenty more adventures Putter has with his family, to see how the trip goes pick up a copy of “Putter and the Red Car.”



Jordan loves this book. She has read it a ton since we got it in the mail.

 We moved from Pennsylvania to Florida a couple years ago, and while our trip was not as long as the one Putter goes on with his family Jordan liked that it was like our trip. This would be a good book to have if you are going to make a long trip to move or to go on vacation, because you can compare your trip to Putters with your child.


This is a great book for children who are starting to read by themselves. The words are simple but there is more than one sentence on the pages. The pictures in this book are very nice also.



Want to buy a copy of this book? Check it out on Amazon here.

**I received this book for free or a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the book!**


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