Dana Sibilsky’s Tips to Successful Blogging Review


I received this book in the form of an audio book to complete an honest review. This was the first audio book I have ever used other than children books. I cannot say I enjoyed the audio feature of the books but that is just me, I prefer to do my own reading rather than listening to someone else read it. I really enjoyed this book and I plan to start using the tips from this book on my blog! I would recommend this book to others with blogs as well.


Listening to the Audio Book

I found a lot of this book to be very helpful! many of the suggestions are  ones that everyone says about having a blog.  The author then  goes into details about the tips and explains what she mean, which I like! I think a book like this coming from someone who has a successful blog is really helpful! You see that the tips worked for her and they are not super difficult things to do.

One of the tips that I was not convinced about was that web hosting will pay for itself. It might be because I have just started blogging and do not know a lot about it but I am not ready to pay for a blog that might not do well. That is just me, do you have experience with this? If so leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you!

Some of the great tips include things like used several social medias, be polite and professional, and always consider what you are posting. I also enjoyed how the author states that everything you write matters, that means if you are writing a book it is important for your brand but what you put in your Twitter posts are also important to your brand. The author puts a lot of emphasis on social medias and the usage of them in this book, I think that is really important in today’s society. There are so many people that you can reach though social media that you would not be able to reach without it, so not being on social medias could really hurt you. While being on social medias is important, being active is just as import. No one wants to find you on Twitter or Face book only to see you haven’t posted since last year. You also want to make sure you are using several social medias because your readers have different preferences and you do not want to miss people because of your own preferences. Once you find where most of your readers are coming from you can focus on that site, but do not forget the others!

Some other great tips from this book are:

  • Write with integrity and write what you believe in
  • Do not argue an unpopular opinion just to argue
  • Always thank your readers for their comments (good or bad)
  • Wait until you have a following to monetize your blog
  • Know social media shorthand but do not use it
  • Engage readers in the comment section

Make sure you check out this great book for the rest of the wonderful tips to help your blog!


**I received this book for free or at a discount price in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This has not influenced my opinions on the product and I am very happy with this book. **


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